Aruba News

Aruba News

Aruba News is courtesy of Vacations By Aruba via Angelo Limon

September 2022

Aruba has stopped reporting weekly coronavirus cases and updates. The island looks forward to grow tourism in the new normal.

Did you know that San Nicolas, a district in Aruba, is known as the “Street Art Capital of the Caribbean”? And you can visit the biggest art fair event in November?

The Prime Minister of Aruba recently announced the official public tender of the new Port City project in Aruba.

Aruba’s national park announced it acquired Fontein, one of the islands most long standing nature monument, and plans to turn it into a new nature experience for park visitors. One of the highlights of visiting the area of Fontein inside of the National Park is discovering several small ponds with tiny fishes that are ready to nibble on your toes, if you wet your feet.  This natural pedicure is one of the experiences that you can’t miss out on while exploring the Arikok National Park. Visitors are allowed to visit and explore the park on their own, or you can decide to book a local guided tour.