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Farmers Fishers Bakers

Farmers Fishers Bakers Farmers Fishers Bakers (Washington DC) is located on the water in a beautiful section…

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Martell’s Tiki Bar

Martell’s Tiki Bar (Point Pleasant NJ) Martell’s Tiki Bar is simply a tropical bar/restaurant on the boardwalk…

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Lam’s This once was one of the very first places I was legally able to drink. They…

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Petrizzo’s Tiki Bar

Petrizzo’s Tiki Bar This place definitely gets and A for effort in trying to create the space…

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Rocks Glass

Lukekini Lounge Double Rocks Glass This double rocks glass holds 11 ounces or 330ml of liquid.  Two…

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Selma’s Bar

Selma’s Bar

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Raines Law Room

Raines Law Room An authentic speakeasy which was in operation since Prohibition, is Raines Law Room on…

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Exotica Night

Exotica Night at Raines Law Room One of my favorite events for tiki is Exotica Night, hosted…

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Tiki Rock

Tiki Rock   Boston MA is located right by the seaport by the New England Aquarium.  While…

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Hawaii Kai

Hawaii Kai Broadway & 50th Street, Manhattan NY If for nothing else, Hawaii Kai especially has cool…

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South Pacific

South Pacific – Pine Brook NJ Aside from the vivid memories, this matchbook, sadly, is all that…

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Tiki TNT

Tiki TNT Overlooking the harbor on the Wharf of Washington DC is Tiki TNT. It is a…

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