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Show #2202 Brazil

Podcast: Show #2202 Brazil Grab a Caipirinha and let’s head to Brazil to explore some sultry,…

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Jetlag “One of these will set you flying, two will make you forget what time it is,…

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Tom X Pub

Tom X Pub Saturday, July 30, 2022 [Bushkill Falls/Poconos] A family owned pub with an award winning…

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Sunken Harbor Club

Sunken Harbor Club 372 Fulton Street Brooklyn NY Sunken Harbor Club is probably the most authentic Tiki…

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Caipirinha Not the easiest cocktail to pronounce but easily one of the most famous cocktails ever.  Think…

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De Novo Montclair

De Novo Montclair July 2, 2022 (Montclair NJ) – Unfortunately, not much good to report here. They…

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Jungle Bird NYC

Jungle Bird NYC For one of the world’s largest cities and destinations, Manhattan is certainly lacking tiki…

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Polynesian Punch

Polynesian Punch This gem I found in Beachbum Berr’s book, Taboo Table. While this book mostly focuses…

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Water’s Edge 12* North

Water’s Edge 12* N Aruba Just about a half mile walk of Eagle Beach where a few…

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City Perch Kitchen + Bar

City Perch Kitchen + Bar Fort Lee NJ [June 3, 2022] Unfortunately, I don’t have anything good to…

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Nixon’s Grog

Nixon’s Grog One of the cocktails from Exotica Night I never got to taste was Nixon’s Grog….

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Pisco Sour

Pisco Sour Pisco is a brandy from either Peru or Chile. Both countries lay claims to its…

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