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Short Ribs

Zinfandel Braised Short Ribs I came across this recipe a couple of years ago, but it is…

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Breakfast Meats

  Breakfast Meats Bacon – American bacon (from the underbelly of the pig) is smoked and cured. Pancetta…

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Venezuelan Beans

Venezuelan Beans My wife is Venezuelan and often misses the food from her country.  I have to…

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Pesto Nothing expresses the flavors of Summer more then fresh basil from the garden.  Basil is in…

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Mussels Marinara If you ever see PEI Mussels, that simply means they come from Prince Edward Island…

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Asparagus Fritters

Asparagus Fritters The other day I saw #asparagus trending on Twitter.  I thought for a moment that…

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Vodka Sauce

Vodka Sauce Invariably, you will see Penne alla Vodka on nearly every Italian menu, restaurant or pizzeria….

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New Year’s Day Lentils

Lentils In many cultures, its good luck to eat lentils, especially on New Year’s Day.  The reason…

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Mushroom Risotto

Mushroom Risotto Risotto is not difficult, just tedious. So many times I’ve given up on making it,…

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Sunday Gravy

Sunday Gravy Sunday Gravy, meat sauce, or, the “Red Lead” as the character Tony Soprano used to…

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Chili Chili is without doubt a classic American dish. More specifically, an American Southwestern dish. It has…

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Cast Iron Baked Penne

Cast Iron Baked Penne America’s Test Kitchens on PBS gets full credit for this recipe.  It’s ingenious….

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