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History Timeline: February 18

History Timeline: February 18 1688  Quakers in Germantown, Pennsylvania adopt the first anti-slavery resolution in the United States….

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History Timeline: February 17

History Timeline: February 17 1600  Italian philosopher Giordano Bruno is burned alive in Rome after being convicted…

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White Clam Sauce

White Clam Sauce Linguini with white clam sauce has to be one of my all time favorite…

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Nachos The best way to get crispy nachos is to set the oven to 350F and in…

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Superfood Aruba

Superfood Aruba This is probably Aruba’s largest, cleanest, newest and freshest supermaket. It is also my favorite….

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Tripe This past weekend I was filming a wedding of a young Italian couple. When I say…

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Picadillo This is a Cuban dish which is basically Cuban chili over rice.  I know that sounds…

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Cilantro Lime Rice

Cilantro Lime Rice This is a great side to accompany any dish of hispanic origin.  It is…

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Beef Stew

Beef Stew During these cold days of Winter, there is nothing like a hearty beef stew with…

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Breakfast Meats

  Breakfast Meats Bacon – American bacon (from the underbelly of the pig) is smoked and cured. Pancetta…

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Pineapple The pineapple is a tropical fruit considered the “King” of fruits because it is associated as…

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Pesto Nothing expresses the flavors of Summer more then fresh basil from the garden.  Basil is in…

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