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Koto Hibachi

Koto Hibachi February 22, 2022 Greenbrook NJ – Hibachi grills were once all the rage when Benihana…

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Franco’s Pizzeria

Franco’s Pizzeria October 2021 (West Caldwell NJ) – Franco’s Pizzeria has been in the corner of the…

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Woodstack NJ

Woodstack NJ February 6, 2022 (Pine Brook NJ) – Woodstack has been consistently good since they first…

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Bruno’s Pizza

Bruno’s Pizza [January 21, 2022 – Clifton NJ]  This pizzeria is tucked in the back of a…

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Pizza Town

Pizza Town [January 14, 2022 – Elmwood Park NJ] If nothing else, this is a simple retro…

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Squared Pizza

Squared Pizza While I am tempted to call this and old school thick deep dish Sicilian Slice,…

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Pizza Terminal

Pizza Terminal February 10, 2021 is National Pizza Day.  This year, it fell on a Tuesday, but…

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Bucco’s Pizza

Bucco’s Pizza & Pasta This is a nice corner lot of upscale pizzeria dining in Bergen County…

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Verona Inn

Verona Inn The Verona Inn is everything you want in a small town tavern.  Casual dining, indoor…

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Prime 94 Steakhouse

Prime 94 Steakhouse Once on this lot sat a local tavern called Lombardi’s. It had great pizza,…

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Mama Lena’s

Mama Lena’s

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Russillo Pizza & Restaurant

Russillo   [West Caldwell NJ – December 17]  I previously gave them a bad rap for their…

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