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Nixon’s Grog

Nixon’s Grog One of the cocktails from Exotica Night I never got to taste was Nixon’s Grog….

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Cesar’s Rum Punch

Casar’s Rum Punch According to the Beachbum Berry Total Tiki App “Invented in the 1930s by Joseph…

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Hawaiian Eye

Hawaiian Eye Hawaiian Eye was an American TV series which aired at the height of midcentury pop…

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Blue Hawaii

Blue Hawaii This cocktail was inpsired by the 1961 Elvis Presley film by the same name, Blue…

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Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley January 8, 1935  – –  August 16, 1977 Elvis is as synonymous with Hawaii as…

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Exotica Moderne

Exotica Moderne For all those who appreciate Tiki, Tropical, and Polynesian Pop Culture, Exotica Moderne magazine by…

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Show #2101

Lukekini Lounge Show #2101 COCKTAILS: Mai Tai Jet Pilot Eastern Dream MUSIC: Les Baxter:…

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Silk City Distillers

Silk City Distillers Silk City Distillers is located in Clifton NJ.  Before the pandemic of 2020 they…

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Petrizzo’s Tiki Bar

Petrizzo’s Tiki Bar This place definitely gets and A for effort in trying to create the space…

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Rocks Glass

Lukekini Lounge Double Rocks Glass This double rocks glass holds 11 ounces or 330ml of liquid.  Two…

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Selma’s Bar

Selma’s Bar

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Exotica Night

Exotica Night at Raines Law Room One of my favorite events for tiki is Exotica Night, hosted…

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