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Nixon’s Grog

Nixon’s Grog One of the cocktails from Exotica Night I never got to taste was Nixon’s Grog….

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Prohibition January 17, 1920 Prohibition in the United States began. This made the production, sale and consumption…

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Vault & Vator

Vault & Vator [Greenville, South Carolina – November 2020] This gets credit for being the most well-hidden…

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Silk City Distillers

Silk City Distillers Silk City Distillers is located in Clifton NJ. ¬†Before the pandemic of 2020 they…

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Selma’s Bar

Selma’s Bar

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Raines Law Room

Raines Law Room An authentic speakeasy which was in operation since Prohibition, is Raines Law Room on…

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Exotica Night

Exotica Night at Raines Law Room One of my favorite events for tiki is Exotica Night, hosted…

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Room Upstairs

Room Upstairs The Room Upstairs was located in The Franklin, which was once a speakeasy disguised as…

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