Famous Ray’s Pizza

Famous Ray’s Pizza

[Verona NJ – November 26, 2021]

Famous Rays NYC Pizza is actually located about 17 miles outside of Manhattan in Verona NJ.  Many many years back, it was next door to a White Castle which is now a car dealer. But as long as I can remember, this pizza place has been there for at least 40 years.  With a record like that, you assume it has to be good, or at least consistent.  Sometimes you don’t understand why, but then you understand that you have to understand that it is still there for a reason.

What made me upset was when I went to get an “Old Fashioned” pizza they had on their menu.  Turns out, their old fashioned was simply a traditional pizza. The typical pizza we all know and recognize cut into triangles.  But with so many pizzas now being “specialty” pizzas, they thought they could get away with calling it “old fashioned”.  It’s not.  Its a huge slice, almost twice the size, but its just a typical pizzeria slice of pizza.

Today I was in and gave them another chance. What you see above they call the “Grandma”.  However, I don’t know any grandmother (Italian or otherwise) that would just dump a pile of salsa on top of the melted cheese and not at least spread it around. I hate to be critical (really) but where do they get these concepts?  Yes, the Grandma usually can, or does have the dough, then the very thin layer of cheese then the sauce.  But the sauce is never chunky or dumped on top of the cheese do it does not cook evenly. You get hot, melted cheese and luke warm chunks of tomatoes.

The crust, or dough itself, is just a step above Pillsbury pizza dough you buy pre-rolled in a cardboard can. To be fair, it is not horrible pizza, but for nearly $4 per slice, you can get much better literally a few hundred feet away at the Pizza Terminal on the next block.