Mai Kai

Mai Kai

The Mai Kai is undisputedly the world’s greatest tiki destination in all the world. It is not only the largest, but also the oldest for 60 years now.  It is not without its flaws, but regardless, it is worth visiting.

If nothing else, the Polynesian show with dinner is well worth every bit of its price. In 2018 it was about $25 with the price of dinner.

To get a nice cross section of cocktails, you can visit the Molokai Bar for happy hour and get drinks and appetizers for half off.  The menu is laid out into mild, medium, and strong drinks.

In all honesty, I was not sure these were the “real” drinks. I had at least three. And while I was not looking to get smashed before dinner or the show, I know my body, and I know 3 should definitely put me adrift.

The dinner itself was poor, the rice was not cold, but barely room temperature. Thankfully, the 45 minute Polynesian show was a great distraction from the food, with authentic details about the Polynesian triangle, the customs, dances and the performers were spectacular.  Not only hula and Tahitian, but fire dancers as well.

 One drink that did hit me was the Kona Grog with flaming rum.  I wish I could say I hit them on an off or busy night, but I believe it was a Wednesday or Thursday evening, so we can’t blame the service on the heavy crowd or busy night.

All and all it was a good and memorable experience. And when I return I will hope for a better experience, though the first one was still great.