Petrizzo’s Tiki Bar

Petrizzo’s Tiki Bar

This place definitely gets and A for effort in trying to create the space for a tiki bar.  Unfortunately they fell short on so many other levels.  I can’t even honestly say the drinks sucked, because we didn’t even stay. It is not like we didn’t want to.  We went there around 3pm after a visit to Bushkill Falls in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.  When we walked in, there was a man smoking a cigarette at a table when you first walk in. I thought he might be an owner because he welcomed us in, but seems like he was just a patron.  We walked around the empty bar to the sunny side by a window, only to be greeted by about a dozen flies buzzing around the bar and tables.  No joke.

My wife immediately made it clear to me that we would not be dining here.  I told her to be patient, I just wanted one drink in a tiki mug.  There were no mugs, and as promising as the cocktail menu looked, it was then the bartender literally walked out without even greeting us.  We decided this was not the most welcoming place. It was not even the biker (the only person) seated at the bar.  The couple who were seated outside kept staring us down as if we were intruding. Maybe we were?  Maybe it was a local dive bar and tourists were not welcome?

There was a sign out front that read “This is not the Hamptons. This is not Jersey. We do things differently here”.  At first I got a kick out of it. Everyone can appreciate a no-nonsense place. But clearly, given all the other circumstances, this was not a place for two tourists from Jersey like ourselves.  We tried to patronize a local business over a larger chain, but our efforts were not welcomed, nor appreciated apparently.

A red flag might have been a tiki bar attached to a small Italian restaurant.  Being Italian, and a pizza aficionado, I would have been happy with a single slice of pizza and a decent cocktail.

This is a tropical Jimmy Buffet type place at best. Again, to be fair, we never had the opportunity. I’ve always said, you should not be in the hospitality business if you cannot be hospitable.  That means, that no matter who walks through the door, they deserve a greeting.  Whether it is a tourist, potential customer, or even just someone wanting to use the restroom, or even a highway robber.  Ah yes, it was definitely not the Hamptons, and even in Jersey you get a greeting, even if its a nasty or sarcastic one.  They do things differently here, as the sign says. That is for sure.