The pineapple is a tropical fruit considered the “King” of fruits because it is associated as a symbol of luxury.  It is also associated as a sign of hospitality such as a hotel or hotel with dining options if you see it displayed on the door.

While it is 86% water, the yield in carving one of these up is not very high. It is covered with a thick thorny skin or shell which can actually pinch you and/or break the skin.  But once you get it cut down to size to eat, it is very delicious, and you can further extract other parts for juice, garnishes, snacks, even garnishes.

The center of the pineapple is very tough and cannot be digested easily. So it is best to cut the center out, and either save it to make pineapple syrup, or just discard it.  Saved the top leaves (known as fonds) for cocktail garnish.

They make tools to extract the center of the pineapple, but if you have good knife skills, you might attempt to do it on your own. But be CAREFUL as the fruit has a lot of sugar and it soon gets too slippery to handle. One slip of the knife and you can easily cut yourself.

If you decide to use that center of the pineapple, cut it into cubes, cover with an equal amount of sugar, and in the morning you will have all natural pineapple syrup.