Show #2203 – Cocktails with Cleve

Podcast:  Show #2203
Cocktails with Cleve

There is no way to select a small list of cocktails that Brother Cleve created to pay tribute to him.  So, we are going to keep it simple here.  One shaken, one stirred, and one from the blender.  His father’s favorite was a Daiquiri, his mother loved a Rob Roy, and one he allowed me to publish for Exotica Moderne is La Mer, which is everything you would expect from a Polynesian cocktail including the blue hue and a mermaid garnish!

  1. Theme from The Tiki Wonder Hour (I, Swinger)
  2. Cadillac (I, Swinger)
  3. The Millionaire’s Holiday (I, Swinger)
  4. One Eyed Monkey (Schizophrenic!)
  5. Solid State (Schizophrenic!)
  6. Short Double Latte (Schizophrenic!)
  7. Garden of Earthly Delights (Impossible World)
  8. Seduction (Impossible World)
  9. Cat O’ Nine Tails (Impossible World)
  10. Waitiki – Similau
  11. Waitiki 7 – Sacha-Cha
  12. Waitiki 7 – Left Arm of Buddha
  13. Waitiki – Pinapple Lilt
  14. Waitiki 7 – Voodoo Love
  15. Waitiki – China Fan
  16. Waitiki – Plamingo Flagoda


  • Tim Mayer – Introduction & Commentary
  • Brother Cleve; Combustible Edison; Waitiki; Waitiki 7
  • Bumpers – Johnny Depp