Silk City Distillers

Silk City Distillers

Silk City Distillers is located in Clifton NJ.  Before the pandemic of 2020 they were doing special tiki pop up events at their distillery.

They have a menu of variations of the classic cocktails using their own rums and twists on these vintage Polynesian cocktails.

As much fun as it was, the drinks were not. I don’t know if it was the ingredients, or the use of their own rum, but I thought the drinks were overpriced for the quality.  I had the same experience at Tiki TNT in Washington DC.  Again, it is not so much the recipe, but the ingredients, and yes, sometimes American rums just can’t fit the bill.

I hate to be discouraging, but I think if they have a better plan to attract more people, and sell more cocktails at an affordable price, they might even be able to sell bottles of their rum “to go”.

Below was the sample menu from that day.