Verona Inn

Verona Inn

The Verona Inn is everything you want in a small town tavern.  Casual dining, indoor and outdoor dining when seasonable, a diverse menu to suit everyone’s tastes, and the craft beer list is pretty diverse. There are widescreen TVs at the bar if you want to watch a particular sporting event, but 90% of the time my complaint is the service.

I’ve been here at more than half a dozen times, and all except one visit was without service issue. Tonight, they served all the entrees at different times, so we were not eating together.  When the last burger came, it came with lettuce which was requested to not be on the burger.  Turns out he was a medical doctor, a bit of a germaphobe and has serious reservations about lettuce touching his food.  It might be his issue, but its an issue when the burger is served with something that can seemingly just be taken off.  He simply did not want it touching his food.

My wife’s chicken tenders came out first, but the side tots were plain. She asked for the parmesan truffle tots.  They came, but about 5 minutes after everyone else was served and she was mostly done with her dish.  I had to flag the waiter down for a 2nd beer.

The food on this visit was half and half.  The onion rings were burned and soggy with fry oil and (not crisp). Same as my fish and chips.

It is not all doom and gloom, usually they have great burgers which are a proprietary blend of Pat LaFrieda meats, and the tots are normally delicious.  I am not sure what happened this time around. Some usually will say “you might have caught them on an off-night” however, its been an off night at least 5 out of 6 times.