Water’s Edge 12* North

Water’s Edge 12* N Aruba

Just about a half mile walk of Eagle Beach where a few hotels are, you can stroll down the beach and find a great beachfront bar to have a drink or lunch or both, or even dinner.  This just happen to be a great lunch.  The food was very good, fresh and served promptly.  What was especially good, was the drink of the day, and at lunch, they were 2 for 1 at the same price.  This was a Tropical Dream and had apricot brandy, orange juice, and some other stuff, who knows, vodka or rum but it was really good.  Its hard to keep track of all the tropical concoctions you have in the course of a day when on a wonderful island like Aruba.


What I can tell you, is the food is great.  I had Fish & Chips in a way I never had before, with Panko (Japanese) breadcrumbs and it was quite delicious.  My girlfriend had a Cobb Salad with bacon, hard boiled eggs, it looked delicious and crisp and fresh.  This was a tip from a local and it played out well.  Big portions you can share, very reasonable price, friendly staff, and what can beat beach front dining?  This place is a winner… and its attached to the Costa Linda Hotel Resort.